Living up to my name...

Sarah means princess...and what every princess needs is a little glitter, agreed? Agreed!

This Saturday mom and I went to a store here called the "Powder Room" it is a slightly upscale expensive and luxurious bath/makeup shop. We just like to browse every now and then so it is fun to go to stores like this one. Today was my lucky day little did I know..

In the back there was a "stella & dot" party going on which is a very sweet jewelery buisness that just has gorgeous stuff..They let me know that if I bought any piece of jewelery they would enter my name into a draw for the chance to become the party host and then reap the benefits of the sales that happenned at their event.

Well i bought a cheap $38.00 pair of earrrings.

At 9:30 PM I got a phone call..

I won!

Whatever, this crap does not happen to me but it did..so today I spent $250 free dollars on jewelery and then got any 4 items I wanted for 50% off..all for me..felt so spoiled, still feel it..I had to share the glory with my mommy..Check their stuff out..gorgeous.


Angela said...

Fun! I love winning stuff!

Lynne said...

Ha! That's great!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it, Sarah! You deserve it!