Another Eventful Few Days!

The beach was beautiful, I spotted dolphins and one little cute seal, I played in the waves and ralized tanning is sooo boring!

Ronald Reagan Library! The rattlesnake picture is for you mommy, do not be afraid!

Air Force One, I was inside that plane!

Yah Mulroney!

It was a very fun day at the library learning more about Reagan and getting to know a bit more American history!


It Rained!

So I am in California and well it rained and I was so excited that I took pictures! Not to foreign to people from Canada. However the last time it rained here was 180 days ago...6 MONTHS and not a drop! jeesh..I felt privelaged to have California rain drops falling on my head!!


MOM this is for you!

Mom I saw this today and took a picture made me laugh, A real live pumpkin patch! ahh!



The beach, this is a rocky one, I went to one earlier this week that had far more sand but I had no camera! oops!

More beach

The sand between my toes!

A wave in motion!



I made it!

Well after much and I mean MUCH interrogation at immigration I have made it to Camarillo, California to discover I might start running on a treadmill..Everyone is model skinny...jeez haha

No but I am really enjoying it here and am having a really good time getting to know people and driving the streets..ahh! Driving in California..it is as scary as you think.. but I am doing okay..

But yah..thats all for now..there is not much to say..



My adventure begins tomorrow with a quick few day lay over in Camrose then it is through security and customs and into California living! Yah!

I am so excited..but there are a few butterflies in my basket...



September 1st!

Hello it is September...ahhhh! I will be in California in 7 days and I am not really sure how to feel..but I feel happy..which is good..

I am hedding to Camrose on the 4th..due to my parents days off..so I will be there for a few days which will be nice..I will talk with Jeremy and make sure everything is good to go with me. Also maybe hang out with a few CLBI'ers for 2 days and be "Scumni" I still feel really bad that I am going to be there...whatever haha..

I still have not started packing..might think about it today but it is too dang stressful..what do I really neeed? ahhhhh! Oh and I still don't have anyone to drive me to the airport...so if you aren't busy and are in the Camrose area on the 7th and around 3:30 or 4pm...call me..or something..

well hope you all have a great day..