Another Eventful Few Days!

The beach was beautiful, I spotted dolphins and one little cute seal, I played in the waves and ralized tanning is sooo boring!

Ronald Reagan Library! The rattlesnake picture is for you mommy, do not be afraid!

Air Force One, I was inside that plane!

Yah Mulroney!

It was a very fun day at the library learning more about Reagan and getting to know a bit more American history!


Anonymous said...

sarah, i miss you so much. i think im actually a little jealous of you. hope youre having fun. love ya tons.

natashia wuermli said...

Wow!! Looks like you are having a blast!! :) Oh how I miss you but am so glad to see and hear that you are enjoying your time in sunny California. Love you beautiful xxx

Momma Bear said...

These pictures make my day. It is so neat to see the places that you are expiriencing.

kisses and hugs