It is October!

Yah I have almost survived one month of strange lands, only 6 more days! I have been having a really eventful time here in California where at times I feel like I just go through the motions and wait anxiously for bedtime! My life is in an whirlwind and I need all the prayer I can get these days, prayer for clarity of my future, which is way up in the air right now literally! ha!

Thanksgiving is getting closer and I am realizing I will not have turkey until November, such a sad sad story! Mom I miss you and I cannot believe I am going to miss yum yum dinner, but such is life and maybe this is the test from the Lord called "growing up!" Whatever I think I want to be close enough to always come home for turkey, but I guess that desire also fades away after time...I love and miss you mommy!

Life is really throwing me through a loop, what is next for me? I just read a book on stepping out of the boat and on to the water and I feel that is playing in to my life soooo deeply these days! I think a lot about walking on water when I am waist deep in the ocean thinking about how amazing it would have felt to get up on top of the water like Peter did! like WOW!

I miss Canada and fall colors, send me pictures...I wanna see seasons...here it is sun and sun! Yah! I think I am getting a cold or maybe just allergies...I sneeze out of control like my dad does..Cat do you remember my dads sneezing spells? Well that is me now ! ahhh! Mommy I know you know what I am talking about!

Happy October!

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natashia wuermli said...

I love you!!!