Santa Barbara!

My day in Santa Monica<--oops...Santa BARBARA! was very very speedy but fun! We went to Stearns Warf and hung out, looked in gift shops and I got a few pennys crunched in this penny machine thinger..interestin! ha!

I had a good time..it was cloudy though. We had rain the night before..right in the middle of the high school football game, that was a foreign culture in itself..California high schoolers..aka rich kids with cell phones-annoying! ha!

In order- Jared, Nick and Chad!

Me making a stupid face! MOM I get it from you! ahhh!

pretty sea gull

Stearns Warf

sea gull

Just don't dive! Mom this is right beside the payphone I called you from, I took it right after our conversation...aww haha!

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Momma Bear said...

Sarah...Aren't you in
Santa Barbara? I am sure that is what you said.

what do you mean about funny faces?
Whatever girlfriend. In your face!