the baby came!

(picture from moms cell phone!)

Meet baby Hailey Rae Walsh! She was born this morning at 9:38 a.m. and was 7 lbs 14oz! I think she is adorable and I am so excited to be her Auntie.

Both her and mommy Alex are doing great!


I'm still here

I have been super busy and thought about blogging so many times and then always loose the energy when I get down to buisness:)

Some news..

I should be an aunt any day..dang baby won't come out hehe.

With this auntie buisness I think my bank account will dwindle a bit more rapidly because I am addicted to being an Aunt and spoiling little WALSHY to death!!! Oh dear me!

My mommy is on strike...please pray..

I have taken up lane swimming as a way to relieve stress and genuinely get a bit healthier, or a lot healthier whatever happens.

I miss ya all, take care..will post something real soon :)