Just a wee bit of swelling..

Well I seem to be doing okay consiering 4 teeth were taken from my mouth on Friday morning. There is not a whole lot of swelling just a wee bit on my right bottom jaw, due to the dentist actually removing some of my jaw bone. All in all I am doing really good though! I am going to attempt going to work tomorrow..only 11-5 so we will see how I make out.

My parents and benny left this morning for 2 weeks at the lake! Once again I am sadly left up here to work, oh well money is good to cover tuition costs. They left me Charlie so at least I will have a little bit of company, I am looking forward to some quiet time none the less..

Happy Canada Weekend!



There out, I ache, not as much as I thought I would, it will happen though, I just know it can't be this easy!-They didnt put me to sleep..-booo! And he started scraping my gum to get to the hidden upper tooth and I wasn't frozen, SOOO I yelped..like when you step on a cat or dogs tail by accident..he apologized with stabbing a needle into my gum then all was good..

On an amazing ooooober happy note..

My bud Marian is driving to see me and spend the night with me and then hang out tomorrow too..I love her! It will be fun..she can take care of me and deal with all my bloody gauze..tee hee hee..no it will be fun..

Mom bought lots of yummy for me..rolo ice cream..Yahoo..

How are you doing Catherine? -she also got 2 wisdom teeth out..pray for us women...


The Song...

Went better than I anticipated and Catherine I am sorry, no video footage-to my recolection! It was a good BBQ because the weather cooperated, and everyone ate and was merry. We had lots left over so we gave it to some non-profit organization, they were well pleased.


A mysterious pop can made its way into the bottle depot(the buisness across the way from us!)and was actually a bomb thingy..it exploded upon opening and white dust went everywhere. So then the fire trucks, police, ambulance and like CSI dudes came, following close behind was of course REPORTERS!- boo! But on the upside they blocked the road meaning zero customers and lots of time to get things that needed to get done, done! There is only one road to where our buisness is located, it was closed for close to 2 1/2 hrs making our lives easy.

So the next thing to tackle are those dang teeth of mine..


Wisdom teeth and Choir practice!

This Friday I go and get my wisdom teeth out, I have been trying not to think about it but in reality I am freaked out of my tree! Maybe because people are just telling me horror after horror story about it or the fact that my parents leave for vacation 2 days after the procedure leaving only Charlie(the dog) to take care of me! oh dear.

On another note tomorrow marks our first Eco Centre Choir Practice for the big day at the BBQ! I honestly believe that all of this is just one big joke but my manager is quite serious about the whole deal, even suggested we make "recycled instruments." So I put together 2 guitars and that is my contribution, I have done enough damage by actually writing a song and bringing it to work! Oh man! If people thought the employees at the Eco Centre were retarded before this BBQ well just you wait!

Happy Sunday- I am going to go to work now..story of my life!


Money and Idols..

I am feeling controlled lately by money or lack-there-of or maybe more than I need? Whatever the case it has got my head spinning...oh and the idols I seem to put up..they are not healthy and they are most certainly destructive..

God is good though...very good! ! ! !

It has been raining here a lot lately..I love rain, the smell, the moisture and the sense of it all..cleansing...a renewal from the hot, tiring day...a promise that there will be restoration. I love to feel the chill and hear the pitter patter on the roof..little miracles..


I AM a First Aider!

So I passed the test with 100% so I am certified to save your life but lucky for me in Alberta you are not "obligated" to help someone even if you have a first aid ticket...good thing!

On another note...my work is hosting a bbq for the city and all Aquatera employees. Sounds easy enough except I have been volunteered to write a sing a song at the bbq about recycling. I want to shoot myself in short and I don't think I get paid enough to deal with this...all I have so far is:

"What the world needs now, is reduce, reuse, that's the only thing that will keep our planet in use.."



It not like my sheet was PINK...

Okay so yesterday I had to take a course at the college for the morning..it was TDG(Transportation of Dangerous Goods) sounds intense but is oober easy and super duper boring..but hey it was paid for and I got paid to be there..-anyways..At the beginning of the course the instructor passed around these forms and we had to find the one with our name on it..well the fellow(by the way I was the only girl in the course) beside me could not find his name..he took forever trying to read where it could be...then he handed them to me..I looked for "Sarah Walsh" then passed along the sheets..but then he states in my direction "Well it was easy for you..your the only girl..I mean if there was a guy with the name Sarah in here we got issues..." -the guys all chuckled...I on the other hand thought "Ok buddy it isn't like my sheet was pink and all yours were blue..I still had to find my name..YES because my sheet has GIRL written all over it..."-just made me shake my head..

Oh and at the end we do this test...he marked mine and I his...He got 96% and I got 100%...he actually fought the question he got wrong with the instructor..apparently there is no way a girl could get a 100 and him 96...pssshhh Whatever..guess he hasn't ever met me...

And Today&Tomorrow I have to do First Aid..got 100 on the first test...so that made me stoked..Frank will be proud that his daughter is following in his "safety genes"- my partner asked if I had ever done this before because I seemed to know what I was doing...well if Frank Walsh was your dad you would know what you were doing too..he is a wee bit hardcore.. I represented him well!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a First Aider almost, Can you hear me?


Just because I am a Walsh...

I was thinking that my summer job could not have gotten any worse when it alomst did! I say almost because the only thing that prevented me from having to deal with the situation were beautiful rain clouds producing LOTS of percipitation, thank you God.

I work for Aquatera and they have this rain drop mascot thingy and I almost had to put the dang thing on and prance around at this event in Grande Prairie called Homeless for a night..I was NOT looking forward to this at all..but apparently I fit the image of a rain drop perfecty..so kindly my manager let me know I had a gorgeous "pear shaped" body..woot..what a compliment *no sarcasm there..

But God fixed the problem with rain..oh how I love Him!

Last night mother and I went to the movie "Sex and the City"- a little riskay if you ask me but the most beautiful story line of life..I cried like 5 times*(surprise surprise)..but anyways during the previews the dang fire alarm went off...so we had to semi evacuate the theatre..it was such a gong show..and most people were ticked because they were half way throught their shows..typical North American society..blowing up because they now have to get up and leave the movie they are watching..even though the building could be on fire..no one cares..I don't know what people would do if a fire alarm was for real..the ones at Cineplex would probably say "are you kidding me, the building is on fire? Great, all I want is to eat my popcorn and watch a movie..is that too much to ask?"-Give me a break..get up and move your a$$ outside..jeepers haha..however I did make the comment "I don't think I'm on fire"-oh the sarcasm..on the upside..I have a free movie vochure...it was my lucky night..