Wisdom teeth and Choir practice!

This Friday I go and get my wisdom teeth out, I have been trying not to think about it but in reality I am freaked out of my tree! Maybe because people are just telling me horror after horror story about it or the fact that my parents leave for vacation 2 days after the procedure leaving only Charlie(the dog) to take care of me! oh dear.

On another note tomorrow marks our first Eco Centre Choir Practice for the big day at the BBQ! I honestly believe that all of this is just one big joke but my manager is quite serious about the whole deal, even suggested we make "recycled instruments." So I put together 2 guitars and that is my contribution, I have done enough damage by actually writing a song and bringing it to work! Oh man! If people thought the employees at the Eco Centre were retarded before this BBQ well just you wait!

Happy Sunday- I am going to go to work now..story of my life!


Breezy said...

Well here is a good story about getting my wisdom teeth out. I will pray yours come out as easily as mine. I had all four taken out in about 20 minutes, and one even had to be cut out.
After the freezing was in, the dentist told me that I would hear some 'snapping and popping' sounds. I did, but I had NO pain what-so-ever. I was sitting patiently and saw a tooth come out of my mouth, I asked if that was the first one but he was already on the second and I didn't even know it! I didn't have any pain the whole time and I didn't even swell up much. You can't eat anything solid for a couple days but that was the worst of it. And eating carrots sucked for while cuz the little pieces would get stuck in the holes...so I basically was eating carrots ALL day cuz they would come out of the holes and back into my mouth! LOL

Cat said...

Sarah you will be fine...don't worry about your teeth...you will be doing pretty good before your mom leaves...i am getting my last two out on wed which means i won't be able to see callum :( the good thing this time is my mum already has my t 3's so i won't have to call you

Walshy said...

Cat- watch out I might call you because I have nothing better to do..we are in this teeth pulling buisness together babe! BRE-thanks for the uplifting words..it is nice that this isn't always a "death" procedure!