Just because I am a Walsh...

I was thinking that my summer job could not have gotten any worse when it alomst did! I say almost because the only thing that prevented me from having to deal with the situation were beautiful rain clouds producing LOTS of percipitation, thank you God.

I work for Aquatera and they have this rain drop mascot thingy and I almost had to put the dang thing on and prance around at this event in Grande Prairie called Homeless for a night..I was NOT looking forward to this at all..but apparently I fit the image of a rain drop perfecty..so kindly my manager let me know I had a gorgeous "pear shaped" body..woot..what a compliment *no sarcasm there..

But God fixed the problem with rain..oh how I love Him!

Last night mother and I went to the movie "Sex and the City"- a little riskay if you ask me but the most beautiful story line of life..I cried like 5 times*(surprise surprise)..but anyways during the previews the dang fire alarm went off...so we had to semi evacuate the theatre..it was such a gong show..and most people were ticked because they were half way throught their shows..typical North American society..blowing up because they now have to get up and leave the movie they are watching..even though the building could be on fire..no one cares..I don't know what people would do if a fire alarm was for real..the ones at Cineplex would probably say "are you kidding me, the building is on fire? Great, all I want is to eat my popcorn and watch a movie..is that too much to ask?"-Give me a break..get up and move your a$$ outside..jeepers haha..however I did make the comment "I don't think I'm on fire"-oh the sarcasm..on the upside..I have a free movie vochure...it was my lucky night..

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Anonymous said...

i am not enjoying the rain either, especially when your job involves being outside....but i am thinking about you lots and i hope that you are doing well. I am going to try to call sometime. Take care