It not like my sheet was PINK...

Okay so yesterday I had to take a course at the college for the morning..it was TDG(Transportation of Dangerous Goods) sounds intense but is oober easy and super duper boring..but hey it was paid for and I got paid to be there..-anyways..At the beginning of the course the instructor passed around these forms and we had to find the one with our name on it..well the fellow(by the way I was the only girl in the course) beside me could not find his name..he took forever trying to read where it could be...then he handed them to me..I looked for "Sarah Walsh" then passed along the sheets..but then he states in my direction "Well it was easy for you..your the only girl..I mean if there was a guy with the name Sarah in here we got issues..." -the guys all chuckled...I on the other hand thought "Ok buddy it isn't like my sheet was pink and all yours were blue..I still had to find my name..YES because my sheet has GIRL written all over it..."-just made me shake my head..

Oh and at the end we do this test...he marked mine and I his...He got 96% and I got 100%...he actually fought the question he got wrong with the instructor..apparently there is no way a girl could get a 100 and him 96...pssshhh Whatever..guess he hasn't ever met me...

And Today&Tomorrow I have to do First Aid..got 100 on the first test...so that made me stoked..Frank will be proud that his daughter is following in his "safety genes"- my partner asked if I had ever done this before because I seemed to know what I was doing...well if Frank Walsh was your dad you would know what you were doing too..he is a wee bit hardcore.. I represented him well!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a First Aider almost, Can you hear me?

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