Just a wee bit of swelling..

Well I seem to be doing okay consiering 4 teeth were taken from my mouth on Friday morning. There is not a whole lot of swelling just a wee bit on my right bottom jaw, due to the dentist actually removing some of my jaw bone. All in all I am doing really good though! I am going to attempt going to work tomorrow..only 11-5 so we will see how I make out.

My parents and benny left this morning for 2 weeks at the lake! Once again I am sadly left up here to work, oh well money is good to cover tuition costs. They left me Charlie so at least I will have a little bit of company, I am looking forward to some quiet time none the less..

Happy Canada Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey, was that you I was talking to last night, I couldn't figure out who it was, and I sort of brushed you off and you weren't feeling good, I am so sorry.
Love you Mumma Proud

Walshy said...

it was me hehe..I figured you didn't really recognize me..it is no big deal..i love you! hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have Charlie to keep you company ... and that you're feeling better. Enjoy having the house to yourself :) Love you,
Nat nat xxx