There out, I ache, not as much as I thought I would, it will happen though, I just know it can't be this easy!-They didnt put me to sleep..-booo! And he started scraping my gum to get to the hidden upper tooth and I wasn't frozen, SOOO I yelped..like when you step on a cat or dogs tail by accident..he apologized with stabbing a needle into my gum then all was good..

On an amazing ooooober happy note..

My bud Marian is driving to see me and spend the night with me and then hang out tomorrow too..I love her! It will be fun..she can take care of me and deal with all my bloody gauze..tee hee hee..no it will be fun..

Mom bought lots of yummy for me..rolo ice cream..Yahoo..

How are you doing Catherine? -she also got 2 wisdom teeth out..pray for us women...


Cat said...

so I didn't want to tell you earlier because mine didn't go as well as last year...i had to go back yesterday to get him to check my swelling and give me different drugs...i have a huge hard bump on my jaw and i can't open my mouth very much it could be that way for weeks...so annoying...i thought you were being put out for yours i just took one of my mum's pills and i don't remember much of the procedure..on the bright side i get to hold Callum so that makes everything all better... :D

Walshy said...

i was supposed to be knocked out but something got messed up there..I am doing really really well/ a little bit of swelling not much pain! Um but for my bottom teeth they actually had to take out jaw bone so the bottom is the most tender..I am praying for you..call if you need anything..on that note what is your #? Kiss the little angel boy for me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, Cat didn't talk much with her sore face, actually she sprent 98% of her time loving little Callum,