October tomorrow!

So tomorrow is October which freaks me right out! Where did September go? ahhh!

On another note: Tomorrow I am partnered with a boy for my labs so this will be very interesting, including the ECG portion of it..Especially now that he has been doing the whole eye winking buisness at me and I think this boy has a crush on moi! NOOOOOOOO! I don't need more drama!

Pray for me!


I did it! I am a VAMPIRE!


I stuck the needle in the arm, blood went into the tube, it was warm, i loved it and did a semi-happy dance almost peeing my pants..

what is wrong with me?!?!?



SO how about this pick up line "Can I see your veins?"

Turns out I am more of a freak then I ever thought I could be.

Our teachers have been telling us that the more we study veins the more we will be looking at peoples arms as they walk by searching for nice veins. They tell us that instead of thinking a guy has nice eyes..we will be wanting to palpate their veins. For those of you who don't know..to palpate means to make worm like motions with your finger on an arm feeling for the vein. Now as all my teachers have been saying all these things I have been thinking "Oh ya! That will be the day when I just randomly palpate someones vein"


Today on my way home on the train while talking to a fellow MLA we started comparing veins..making a fist..trying to get our veins to pop a bit...THEN I randomly just started palpating her veins..(I loved it-ahhh) before I could stop myself I was in a trance..then I came too..realised I was in a public place and 2 gentleman were staring intently at my worm like finger pushing on her arm...no one gets it!

tomorrow I take blood from a real live human for the first time..ahhh!


Old Italy..

I live in a part of Calgary that I have dubbed "Old Italy or Little Italy" it is such a quaint little place.

I am feeling blessed being here even though the whole "test" part of college has kicked in.

I enjoy that the leaves are now turning colors, and that they crunch under my feet.

I enjoy(Natashia may not think I really do) hiking my body up the BIG hill every morning to catch the bus, it reminds me of my mobility and I like the feeling of cool air in and out of my lungs.

I enjoy to watch the squirrels as they scurry away seeming as if they own this neighbourhood.

I also thoroughly enjoy the big cat that watches all the squirrels as they scurry around.

I enjoy the sun that shines through our front window.

I enjoy the laughter of my bestfriends that I get to enjoy every single day.

I enjoy to watch our neighbour as she sits on her front porch with her hair in curlers.

I enjoy when my mother sends me little hilarious emails..

I love that God is everywhere here, and He is making Himself very known to me these days.


Roomate Bonding!

Tonight Allison and I were talking to one another on msn, I know LAME! But she says to me "I need some coffee"- Me sitting in my room busy in the books replied "I'll get right on that"- As conversation escalated we decided to go to Starbucks..at this I received another instant message from Natashia pleading "Can I come?"- "Hell YA!" was my response...

It was nice to get away for a bit and just "be." PLUS Nat got us discounts because we went to the Starbucks where she used to work so that is ALWAYS a bonus! Now it is back to the books then bed!

I have my first test tomorrow...I feel very ready though!


Excuse me, excuse me..oh oh..thanks..

Yesterday after watching 4 trains pass by me which were far to full for any person to fit into I had to take matters into my own hands. "Was I just going to stay at this train station forever?" certainly not! After being in India and witnessing how much I know the human body can squish in tight situations I was quite agitated at how North Americans are afraid to touch each other! my train was coming..coming down the line..I was determined..it was packed! This lady was standing next to me and said "oh, no room again!" I peered into what was "a train packed with people, and more closely 5 really tall men standing in a circle holding on to a pole for support." My patience, wait..what patience! I wanted to be home! I politely squished my way right into the middle of this "man circle" and hugged the pole..they all just chuckled and looked at me. I looked up at all these men staring at me and sheepishly said "I just want to get home..."- they all smiled!

Today the train was full again. I started talking to the friendliest homeless man of life. We just shared small talk, where I asked how bad it was raining out..he assured me it was clearing up. As I exited the train he hollered "don't get to wet sweetie"- I wanted to hug him but realised that sometimes you just can't do those things..I politely smiled and waved..THEN while waiting for my next train these two men were in the train staring out at me on the platform doing the "call me" motions and smiling and being oober lame..-bah- I am waaaay out of their league..Then on my final train home I got to enjoy the beats of two high school rappers, one ipod listener, a lady with one million holes in her face and a very handsome construction worker who smiled at me..

Now being home and enjoying the weekend I realize that as a writer I think and believe public transit gives the best ideas to a good story.


We have internet!!

I am back to the world of internet! Wooot!

Anyways, I am officially in week two and really know how it feels to be back in class and confused with formulas and the heart.-lame-literal heart not emotional heart-dang atriums!

Funny- Yesterday the bus drove past me. Seriously I hate that these sort of things happen to me, why?- I still got to class with time to spare but seriously was mad at Calgary Bus Services!

Tomorrow is a full day of labs! I start off the day with taking all my clothes off from the waist up and letting a fellow student basically hook me up to a machine to see the wave lengths of my heart, I am excited..yet a little nervous- maybe not nervous- shy?? I don't know..now that I am in the medical field it is all about the bluntness as I am learning with the many discussions our teachers have "frankly" had with us..




Sam and Ashley, soon I will call- life is psychotic! ahh!

Well I have passed the long dreaded "first day of classes." It wasn't so bad! I really enjoy my course and classmates a lot! I am excited about getting naked from the waist up once a week so a fellow classmate can test my heart! Also am ooober excited that I am paired up with a boy once- oh my!(hand over mouth!)= But for real it is good because then I will know the difference between hooking and ECG up to a guy versus a girl!

Allison moves in today- I am estatic- YAHOO! Unfortunately Natashia and I both have classes until four! But we will hurry home that is of course if Transit cooperates! Dang buses!

Well thus is my life.

Yesterday I went to our first college and careers while rather humorous it was also intense full of discussion that screams hunger. It was a night of Iron Chef, Jesus, Backstreet Boys and then finally Christmas music- I said it! We did listen to the Christmas favorites just really rocking- Seriously Ben you would love it!

Other then that- Adios!- Mom send mail! hehe!