Chocolate Cake...

I have had chocolate cake 2 days in a row now but sadly I do not think I will be having a piece tonight! However I have realized how much I truly enjoy this dessert! Apart from the fact that the cake tends to stick to my teeth I enjoy the experience. After having the oppurutnity to eat chocolate cake 2 nights in a row I have brought back a few memories from when I was a youngen..

#1) I remember my mom used to make teddy bear cakes! Maybe she only made one my whole life but it felt like a million? I loved that cake shape. However I wish it had made the table a few more times, not moms' fault more my fault. I passed by it so many times when I would put away groceries dubbed "freezer" and always thought "I should bake a cake in that" but never did. I don't even know where it is anymore? Mom, do we even have it anymore? How sad..

#2) I also remember in elementary school I loved cake at birthdays! But I HATED when people had a vanilla cake..why? Vanilla seems so boring to me, it makes no sense and it truly does not spell PARTY to me! My dad is a huge fan of vanilla and I just don't get it! When I eat chocolate cake I feel like it is a special fancy occasion..I feel like I am a kid again at a birthday party anticipating what is going to be in the goody bag...

Basically I have enjoyed my chocolate cake induldging this week..


Starting to come around..

3 days and 18 pills later I am really starting to feel a bit better. I always feel the worst early in the morning and late at night. I think I have had at least one fever, Friday night which was literally hell, I was soooo HOT and then so COLD! It freaked me out..but I fought it just like the night in India(hey cat and nat, oops)! Anyways now I am faced with the getting better from being sick buisness. Now my nose is raw from blowing it too much and my lips are chapped from having to sleep with my mouth open. On that note!

I HATE sleeping with my mouth open! It just makes me mad! I always wake up thirsty or feel like I bit my lip off by morning or something ridiculous like that! But now for something different then being sick to talk about..

I made supper tonight- rice, salad and honey garlic chicken wings! Judy loved it, she is my official taste tester! It is quite neat to be able to cook for someone and get feedback, it is like my own little food critic!

Today as I dropped a letter in the mail I realized how quaint this little town is again! But I also realized how incredibly small it was..ahh..I have been here long enough now that when people wave at me it isn't only because it is small town SK but because they know me! Maybe I need out...little too little for me...

I met a girl, she is 21, we have dubbed ourselves "bff's", she said I can't leave, I beg to differ! She will make the next 2 months quite enjoyable I am sure!


Sick, sick and sick!

My nose drips, my head hurts and when I cough I feel as if knives are flying up my esophagus! Not exactly fun but that is what I get for staying up too late and not taking care of myself, boo!

I have a pretty good immune system thanks to my 2 lovely brothers who contributed at placing dirt, grass and other things in my mouth at an early age. With my knowledge of this "great" immune system I have been stubborn to get any sort of medication.

This morning I awoke and had a shower because I could not breathe out of my nose or feel anything above my shoulders for that matter. As I climbed up the stairs ready to embark on the day I was faced with one challenge..Judy! Now Judy is the lady I live with and what a kind tender soul she truly is and such a wonderful mother to me. She sternly looked at me and with authority stated:

"Sarah go to the drugstore and get some medicine now!"

I protested.

She continued to scold me.

I gave in.

After a trip to the drugstore and a HUGE mistake at looking in the flyer I left with a little more than I bargained for. I purchased some mascara, a loofa, a set of make up brushes, some cover-up and a lovely 60 capsul container of Cold-fX! Hopefully I feel better soon considering the recommended dosage for the first day is 9 pills..You heard me correctly "9 pills"...I am thinking Mike and Ben should have fed me more dirt and worms as a child because then I would still have twenty dollars in the bank..

Praying you are all healthy!


Busy Busy Week!

I have been going crazy this week and not getting my desired 8 hours of sleep a night! Ugh! However I have been having fun while not getting those hours of shut eye!

I have a boyfriend!

Not just one but two actually and they are not exactly old either. They are 15 and a part of our youth group and have become my side kicks, unintentionally, I want them to go far far away! Anyways if you could all pray that these boys would chill out and that I could get away from them that would be great. It all started with Nat and I taking them home from youth group Friday and ending up watching a movie. This was followed by 2 more phone calls on Monday, another movie, 2 text messages on my cell in the mail, another phone call Wednesday, random showing up at the door the same day and then just one more call to make sure I was sure I did not want to hang out with them!


I got my new phone finally..same number just new phone!


Interesting Weekend..

Natashia came and my weekend was more full then ever, that isn't usually the case!

So we ditched out on old timer dancing basically because we ran out of time! We as in (Nat, Judy and I) went out for chinese food and fellowship and enjoyed our being single ness.. well they did,..I sang "all by myself".. Later we then invited Nathan, Greg and Steph over to watch "How to lose a guy in 10 days"..it was very fun..

Then came Friday! We played Bigger or Better and took first place..we basically rule! ha! Then we randomnly went and watched a movie "Beauty Shop" with two 15 year olds..oh dear me..fun anf random..

Then Saturday happenned..we slept in...wen to the show "27 dresses" I actually enjoyed it this time!..Then Sunday..lunch with the Gronhovds, being lazy, chocolate pudding, star gazing, random eastend and the grave yard...fun times..

Then today happenned and I am sad..she is gone..booo hooo hooo...however I will see her again soon! Yah!

How was your weekend?


Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day especially to all the singles like me! Yipppie! We don't have to dress up fancy, buy expensive gifts or make out in the dark! Dang it! ha!

But serioulsy...Hope you have a great time...

I think I might go "Old time dancing" tonight..It is at 8 so we will have to see about that! A few of the youth leaders and youth sort of want to get together for a movie or something? who knows..

This is how I anticipate the dancing being..haha..just jokes..it will be a lot more hilarious and disorderly!

One more thing I got the best Valentine gift ever! My bestest best friend Nat is coming from Calgary to visit me until Monday! Yahoo! Everything happenned so very quickly, but that is how we roll..I am sooooo stoked...

Eat lots and be merry!



Mom I took you advice..I no longer have Facebook and freedom is ringing! It is as if my soul is back! haha! I thought you would be proud!


Gone again..

I will be out again this weekend, another road trip to the well known Camrose! There I will reunite with Benny boo boo and mommy dearest..plus a million trillion CLBI'ers..However let's pray the Spirit will move in Benny's heart and maybe want to try out CLBI for a year..who knows..crazy things can happen..

Everything in Shaunavon are in full swing now, I don't feel overwhelmed but I am most definitely busy. I feel that I laugh a lot because so many ridiculous funny things happen to me!

see ya all later!



I suck at blogging but I am getting better at cooking and baking so be impressed! If any of you know anything about my past I have not excelled in the "perfect house wife" catergory, but now I am doing better. I live with a single lady so the oppurtunity to be "mommyish" has come about and I love crock pots!

I have been BUSY but a good busy! I feel like life is flying by but I am enjoying the ride a lot! WOW! Saskatchewan is so cute and fun, I love the atmosphere here!

I love my mom, and benny and mikey and daddy-o! I love family! And dogs, just it is hard to deal with ones going blind and deaf! I love life!

I am baking cookies..beeeeep goes the oven..

see ya!