Interesting Weekend..

Natashia came and my weekend was more full then ever, that isn't usually the case!

So we ditched out on old timer dancing basically because we ran out of time! We as in (Nat, Judy and I) went out for chinese food and fellowship and enjoyed our being single ness.. well they did,..I sang "all by myself".. Later we then invited Nathan, Greg and Steph over to watch "How to lose a guy in 10 days"..it was very fun..

Then came Friday! We played Bigger or Better and took first place..we basically rule! ha! Then we randomnly went and watched a movie "Beauty Shop" with two 15 year olds..oh dear me..fun anf random..

Then Saturday happenned..we slept in...wen to the show "27 dresses" I actually enjoyed it this time!..Then Sunday..lunch with the Gronhovds, being lazy, chocolate pudding, star gazing, random eastend and the grave yard...fun times..

Then today happenned and I am sad..she is gone..booo hooo hooo...however I will see her again soon! Yah!

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

A pretty random weekend but lots of fun ... glad I could spend it with you :) love you xxx

jeff & austen said...

sounds like you guys I had a great time, too bad I wasn't there to enjoy it with you.


Walshy said...

Sounds to me like you had a good weekend anyways..but we would have enjoyed the jeff company!