Starting to come around..

3 days and 18 pills later I am really starting to feel a bit better. I always feel the worst early in the morning and late at night. I think I have had at least one fever, Friday night which was literally hell, I was soooo HOT and then so COLD! It freaked me out..but I fought it just like the night in India(hey cat and nat, oops)! Anyways now I am faced with the getting better from being sick buisness. Now my nose is raw from blowing it too much and my lips are chapped from having to sleep with my mouth open. On that note!

I HATE sleeping with my mouth open! It just makes me mad! I always wake up thirsty or feel like I bit my lip off by morning or something ridiculous like that! But now for something different then being sick to talk about..

I made supper tonight- rice, salad and honey garlic chicken wings! Judy loved it, she is my official taste tester! It is quite neat to be able to cook for someone and get feedback, it is like my own little food critic!

Today as I dropped a letter in the mail I realized how quaint this little town is again! But I also realized how incredibly small it was..ahh..I have been here long enough now that when people wave at me it isn't only because it is small town SK but because they know me! Maybe I need out...little too little for me...

I met a girl, she is 21, we have dubbed ourselves "bff's", she said I can't leave, I beg to differ! She will make the next 2 months quite enjoyable I am sure!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad that you seem to be liking your town! Okay I totally know what you mean about the whole tongue bit. Sometimes when I wake after sleeping with my mouth open I feel as though I have someone else's tongue in my mouth.

Cat said...

walsh maybe you stay sick for so long because you are to stubborn to just stay home and rest and get better..ie .when you got sick in India i am glad you are feeling better...love you

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting better ... hope you're week is going good. love you xxx

natashia xxx