I suck at blogging but I am getting better at cooking and baking so be impressed! If any of you know anything about my past I have not excelled in the "perfect house wife" catergory, but now I am doing better. I live with a single lady so the oppurtunity to be "mommyish" has come about and I love crock pots!

I have been BUSY but a good busy! I feel like life is flying by but I am enjoying the ride a lot! WOW! Saskatchewan is so cute and fun, I love the atmosphere here!

I love my mom, and benny and mikey and daddy-o! I love family! And dogs, just it is hard to deal with ones going blind and deaf! I love life!

I am baking cookies..beeeeep goes the oven..

see ya!


momma bear said...

cookies? you go girl

love momma

Cat said...

why couldn't you of baked cookies last summer?

Walshy said...

why couldn't you have cleaned your room? or made your bed? OR hmm watered the plants? bad joke! oops! ha!

natashia wuermli said...

You should send me some of your Crock Pot recipes ...