Busy Busy Week!

I have been going crazy this week and not getting my desired 8 hours of sleep a night! Ugh! However I have been having fun while not getting those hours of shut eye!

I have a boyfriend!

Not just one but two actually and they are not exactly old either. They are 15 and a part of our youth group and have become my side kicks, unintentionally, I want them to go far far away! Anyways if you could all pray that these boys would chill out and that I could get away from them that would be great. It all started with Nat and I taking them home from youth group Friday and ending up watching a movie. This was followed by 2 more phone calls on Monday, another movie, 2 text messages on my cell in the mail, another phone call Wednesday, random showing up at the door the same day and then just one more call to make sure I was sure I did not want to hang out with them!


I got my new phone finally..same number just new phone!


Cat said...

LOL I love it

Walshy said...

you would!

Anonymous said...

You're so vain, You probably think this song is about you, You're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you, don't you, don't you ...

Just being played on the radio :)

Enjoying all the boy company? haha

Natashia xxx