I'm home--2 days ago!

So my life is an adventure but if you asked Frank Walsh he would tell you that he raised a "stupid" girl! haha! So as were driving home on Saturday in our HUGE convoy because my dad had his truck, i had my car and my aunt and uncle had their car I realised something terribly wrong. See, the gas gage on my car was almost below empty..ooops! haha! So there I am 20kms from Grande Prairie and NO gas in my car, Frank was well-pleased. I guess I didn't factor the wind into my gas-mileage, my bad!----Oh and my car got fixed obviously...nothing was really wrong on the first place!

SO I graduated with honours...yippie! And Nat Wurm got the smartest girl award or something, I was so happy for her. So yah grad was fun and everything ran smoothly as always. Pastor Jim's message was amazing, yet again from a Dr. Seuss book - the kings stilts, we all thought it would be "oh the places you'll go" and we thought "rerun from last year." Jimbo surprised us though! I had to give a little rant about CLBI life and talk to my fellow students, nerve-racking but went well. My mom said she was proud that her little girl got to speak- whatever is what I say.

So i have finally moved in again for the summer, took all yesterday- uffda! Now I am off to buy fishbowl cleaner because my dumb fish will not die and maybe look at payless shoes because I am a girl and I can. Oh and my mom just called and I have an interview on Wednesday at the eco-centre, which is like the dump just in town and cleaner...Yippie!

*My hair is a Huge poof today! --sarah


Dorm clean-up day!

So today we have been scrubbing walls and hiding all the crap we have ruined over the course of one year. oops! I am glad Tim inspected our room instead of someone else that is all hard-core. Well grad is soon.

Frick! my car will not start because something is wrong with it, I am a bit choked but I will get over it, it is only a car right! ha ha!

Austen, I am going to Cali to soak up the sun next year and intern with amazing Jim Johnson. So yeah there is not much more for details because I know barely anything about it. Pray for this opportunity..

I am going to enjoy the end of CLBI.



The Close of CLBI

We are on the verge of the close of CLBI, well my close of this place. Well not exactly an official close giving the fact that I will be interning in beautiful sunny California, thank-you Jesus! Well I am semi-sure that is where I will be. I am pretty excited about this now based on the foot of snow that is outside.

At the end of CLBI everyone goes into "prank" mode and last night it involved bbq sauce and sardines all over the guys dorm, sick DOG! it only equaled BAD news and one angry mantience man. Oh CLBI!

bye bye


Wireless internet

So here I am sitting in the 3rd floor stairwell of CLBI watching fricking SNOW fall yah that is a little bit sick! Oh well. Nat is here with me and we are talking about how the weather makes us want to sit beside a fire and how we never go to the coed anymore!?!? Probably because it is lame this year and all the cool boys ie(Troy, Austen, Jeff etc) are not here anymore, tear! Sometimes we even go to sleep before lock-up! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I think I am getting old. Speaking of getting old my birthday is soon and then I will move to actual adulthood because there will be no "teen" after my age...double tear! ahh! but I am stoked cards, gifts and fun times! yippie!

Well, I am taking Church history this week pretty interesting but extremely boring but that is fine 2 more weeks of classes. Today we watched a movie and it was the worst acting I have ever seen! So bad that they spoke the emotion they were feeling in monotone..."I am so overwhelmed" or "I am filled with joy" but not a smile on the face...RANDOM!

On the topic of wireless internet it is so sketchy and touchy, guess thats what happens when we steal hey? Dang commandments they are more like guidelines right?- kidding!

lifes good..now.


Well Happy Early Easter to all!

Hope life is going well with all of you, I am figuring out my future and how you can be fired from your summer job before you have started work. Whatever! I am sure I would have hated the dump anyway! haha! So ya pray for my future both summer and next year, I am excitedly nervous about it all! ahhh!

Hope the bunny is good to you this year, my mom said the Easter Bunny was hopping around the tomb when Jesus came out and that is why we eat chocolate bunnies, she is probably wrong because she also thinks she is the real "tooth fairy"

bye bye for now