The Close of CLBI

We are on the verge of the close of CLBI, well my close of this place. Well not exactly an official close giving the fact that I will be interning in beautiful sunny California, thank-you Jesus! Well I am semi-sure that is where I will be. I am pretty excited about this now based on the foot of snow that is outside.

At the end of CLBI everyone goes into "prank" mode and last night it involved bbq sauce and sardines all over the guys dorm, sick DOG! it only equaled BAD news and one angry mantience man. Oh CLBI!

bye bye


jeff & austen said...

Messy pranks are only good when they are done in the proper fashion. i.e. the bathroom, with a Boston Cream donut and a firecracker.


heiberg said...

Sardines and bbq sauce are a bad combination no matter how you look at it. Damn amateurs!

jeff & austen said...

sarah, give me the details on your california internship!!?? email me. congratulations on finishing you 2 years, i wish i could be there with you guys when you 'graduate'. tears.