I'm home--2 days ago!

So my life is an adventure but if you asked Frank Walsh he would tell you that he raised a "stupid" girl! haha! So as were driving home on Saturday in our HUGE convoy because my dad had his truck, i had my car and my aunt and uncle had their car I realised something terribly wrong. See, the gas gage on my car was almost below empty..ooops! haha! So there I am 20kms from Grande Prairie and NO gas in my car, Frank was well-pleased. I guess I didn't factor the wind into my gas-mileage, my bad!----Oh and my car got fixed obviously...nothing was really wrong on the first place!

SO I graduated with honours...yippie! And Nat Wurm got the smartest girl award or something, I was so happy for her. So yah grad was fun and everything ran smoothly as always. Pastor Jim's message was amazing, yet again from a Dr. Seuss book - the kings stilts, we all thought it would be "oh the places you'll go" and we thought "rerun from last year." Jimbo surprised us though! I had to give a little rant about CLBI life and talk to my fellow students, nerve-racking but went well. My mom said she was proud that her little girl got to speak- whatever is what I say.

So i have finally moved in again for the summer, took all yesterday- uffda! Now I am off to buy fishbowl cleaner because my dumb fish will not die and maybe look at payless shoes because I am a girl and I can. Oh and my mom just called and I have an interview on Wednesday at the eco-centre, which is like the dump just in town and cleaner...Yippie!

*My hair is a Huge poof today! --sarah

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Natashia Wuermli said...

Sounds like a typical Sarah Walsh day!! And possibly drive? I'm glad you got home safely, even if it was a little slower than usually!! It must be nice to be unpacked and back at home. I miss you lots - wish I could just walk across the hall to talk to you but if I walked I'd drown!! :)

I love you lots,
Nat Wurm xxx