Dorm clean-up day!

So today we have been scrubbing walls and hiding all the crap we have ruined over the course of one year. oops! I am glad Tim inspected our room instead of someone else that is all hard-core. Well grad is soon.

Frick! my car will not start because something is wrong with it, I am a bit choked but I will get over it, it is only a car right! ha ha!

Austen, I am going to Cali to soak up the sun next year and intern with amazing Jim Johnson. So yeah there is not much more for details because I know barely anything about it. Pray for this opportunity..

I am going to enjoy the end of CLBI.



Heiberg said...

frick I can't believe you are spending a year in Cali. You are darn lucky my friend

jeff & austen said...