Well Happy Early Easter to all!

Hope life is going well with all of you, I am figuring out my future and how you can be fired from your summer job before you have started work. Whatever! I am sure I would have hated the dump anyway! haha! So ya pray for my future both summer and next year, I am excitedly nervous about it all! ahhh!

Hope the bunny is good to you this year, my mom said the Easter Bunny was hopping around the tomb when Jesus came out and that is why we eat chocolate bunnies, she is probably wrong because she also thinks she is the real "tooth fairy"

bye bye for now


Cat said...

walsh i can't believe you didn't tell me that you won't be working at the dump

jeff & austen said...

wtf, why are you not working at the dump? job of a lifetime - gone.

jeff & austen said...

I am glad you are not working at the dump, because then you would have been a dump lady. I got your letter and it was glorious.