Wireless internet

So here I am sitting in the 3rd floor stairwell of CLBI watching fricking SNOW fall yah that is a little bit sick! Oh well. Nat is here with me and we are talking about how the weather makes us want to sit beside a fire and how we never go to the coed anymore!?!? Probably because it is lame this year and all the cool boys ie(Troy, Austen, Jeff etc) are not here anymore, tear! Sometimes we even go to sleep before lock-up! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I think I am getting old. Speaking of getting old my birthday is soon and then I will move to actual adulthood because there will be no "teen" after my age...double tear! ahh! but I am stoked cards, gifts and fun times! yippie!

Well, I am taking Church history this week pretty interesting but extremely boring but that is fine 2 more weeks of classes. Today we watched a movie and it was the worst acting I have ever seen! So bad that they spoke the emotion they were feeling in monotone..."I am so overwhelmed" or "I am filled with joy" but not a smile on the face...RANDOM!

On the topic of wireless internet it is so sketchy and touchy, guess thats what happens when we steal hey? Dang commandments they are more like guidelines right?- kidding!

lifes good..now.


jeff & austen said...

Stealing internet Sarah? For shame. Also, Church History is always brutal Darryl loves those frickin' movies.


jeff & austen said...

thank you for calling me cool