This morning in my advent devotion as I lit the candle and read the lesson for the 3rd day in advent I was overjoyed and hungry of what was told to me in Luke chapter 1. I desperately wanted to skip ahead to the birth, speed through the preparations but alas it is Advent and I shall wait. But.... Jesus is coming (He is already here) but there is such an urgency to having Him arrive, isn't there? I am so excited.

I will leave you with a quote I was left to ponder today:

“Just imagine what Mary was actually saying in the words, ‘I am the handmaid of the Lord … let what you have said be done to me’ (Luke 1:38). She was saying, ‘I don’t know what this all means, but I trust that good things will happen.’ She trusted so deeply that her waiting was open to all possibilities. And she did not want to control them. She believed that when she listened carefully she could trust what was going to happen.

“To wait open-endedly is an enormously radical attitude toward life. So is to trust that something will happen to us that is far beyond our own imaginings. So, too, is giving up control over our future and letting God define our life, trusting that God molds us according to God’s love and not according to our fear. The spiritual life is a life in which we wait, actively present to the moment, trusting that new things will happen to us, new things that are far beyond our own imagination, fantasy, or prediction. That, indeed, is a very radical stance toward life in a world preoccupied with control.”

—Henri Nouwen

God bless each of you!


The chill in the air.

I was over on Elli's blog and read all about how she is planning to spend Advent this year.

I plan to not miss it.

In my newsletter article this month at church I stated how I was preparing for Advent, seems comical but I need to prepare. I miss things way to easily. Booom! It's Monday and the weekend just slipped on by, how the junk did that happen?

I hate missing things though.

I plan this year to be quiet, to be still, to allow time for the Lord to speak to me in the midst of all my chaos. I say "my" chaos because I know that deep down I create it. I create time to talk about not having time to be with God resting and while I am busy talking about it I am missing the time I could have been with Him. Does this speak to anyone else?

I am addicted.

To what?

Christian materials.

I told my mom that God and I talked and I am not allowed to read any Christian book only the Bible. Why? No, not because my God is psycho, not because He is mean but because I do not spend near enough time in His Scripture meditating with Him. I am turning advent into almost a lenten experience, where I savour, struggle and cling only to God and His word!



Happy Late halloween early christmas..IDK!

Hey oh, been busy here, halloween came and went. This weekend we have a youth retreat almost 40 already registered! Praise God. The theme is Vikings.

For this retreat I was responsible for making Facebook profiles of each leader, I also took their photos and added little things to them. I will share a few a long with ben and my halloween pics.