The chill in the air.

I was over on Elli's blog and read all about how she is planning to spend Advent this year.

I plan to not miss it.

In my newsletter article this month at church I stated how I was preparing for Advent, seems comical but I need to prepare. I miss things way to easily. Booom! It's Monday and the weekend just slipped on by, how the junk did that happen?

I hate missing things though.

I plan this year to be quiet, to be still, to allow time for the Lord to speak to me in the midst of all my chaos. I say "my" chaos because I know that deep down I create it. I create time to talk about not having time to be with God resting and while I am busy talking about it I am missing the time I could have been with Him. Does this speak to anyone else?

I am addicted.

To what?

Christian materials.

I told my mom that God and I talked and I am not allowed to read any Christian book only the Bible. Why? No, not because my God is psycho, not because He is mean but because I do not spend near enough time in His Scripture meditating with Him. I am turning advent into almost a lenten experience, where I savour, struggle and cling only to God and His word!


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ElleBelle said...

i think that is a great and genuine idea walshy. i think everyone if they would just "not miss it" that is a good goal! Prayers and blessings for your advent: that it may be still and quiet and full of meditation and God's presence!