no more SAIT...

Today was my last evaluation at SAIT!

Now I will embark on a 6 week practicum in Lethbridge starting Monday...

I spent my entire week with my face in a microscope studying urine..oooh fun!

Never thought urine had so much to teach me..weird..


Another Monday...

Well I am back again..

My weekend went well..

School was just ridiculous but w/e..

I went for lunch with a friend to chat..

I then buzzed around the mall admiring Christmas..

Then tried to make small talk with Mr. Security at Calgary Lab Services..

Then I cam home and baked..

Then I cooked Allison and I dinner..

Then I went and listened to Tony Campolo talk at Ambrose college..

His talk was very hard, empowering and truth filled..

Now I am blogging...and..

Waiting for my mom to finish watching Prison Break (apparently it is really intense) and call me back!

Just another Monday..


6 down- 1 to go...!

I am almost done! Seriously...PRAISE GOD!

It is Thursday and I have written 6 exams so far which I should add have not been all that bad..I am impressed with my ability to actually study and excell! I have recieved above 70 on each of them! THANK YOU! I am happy..some were even above 90..some even above 96! I love my life!

But on a more serious note. I am almost done..Tomorrow is my last actual "class time"(one more exam) and then it is practicum. One week of it will be done at SAIT and then I make the move to Lethbridge for the remainding 6 weeks...which is actually 8 because I get 2 weeks off for Christmas *ya!

God has been teaching me, stretching me and definitely challenging me! I feel closer to Him through the stress of life which has not been all that stressful for me. I find that when "I" start to feel like "I" cannot do it "I" am reminded that HE does it with me, for me and works in my favor! God is soooo good all of the time!

Last night at C&C's we had a pretty intense discussion about faith, relationship and Gods' love. I enjoyed it! I am feeling very encouraged in my walk with God and better yet I feel God! Which is quite an exciting thing because His touch I tend to miss..It isn't that He doesn't touch I just refuse to feel it at times. Lately I have been feeling everything He does, the good with the bad and with the ooober ugly, He is alive! WOW!

I am going to my older brothers' this weekend for a time of fun, randomness and relaxation. I am excited to go spend some time with him and am praying for guidance and rest. I want time to talk with him and hopefully have him speak into my life. I don't think he realizes how high I hold his opinion in regard, I hope there will be time to be siblings and uplift one another. I pray that my love for him will be expressed and he will not question its presence in his life. I love that man!

Until next time...Happy Trails to you!!!


One more week...

And 7 exams later I will be finished the "theory" part of my course and then will have practicum. I should not be blogging, or knitting, or listening to music, or going out with friends for dinner, or watching movies but a girl still has to live..

God be with me!


Our Fort!

My Roomates and I decided we should turn our living room into a play centre and build a fort! Which we did! Also we slept in it last night and plan to leave it up for maybe a week? Real bonding to take place! Also we ate chocolate swirl cheesecake in there, oh the joys of being a mature 21 year old..haha...I always love to play and so do my roomies!


First Snow!!

As Allison and I were cuddled up under blankets on our two sofas watching a movie I peered out the window..SNOW! It is snowing outside! Immediately we both got up and stood out there taking it in, we both started to explain how much we loved snow and the bliss of it all. I then got my camera and took a snap "above cold feet on my front lawn"

I love the chill!

I love the air when you breathe in the snowy weather.

I love coming inside and my glasses fogging up.

I love to see my breath when I sigh in contentment!

I LOVE touching the snow, feeling its coolness..

I love this season and its beauty!