Another Monday...

Well I am back again..

My weekend went well..

School was just ridiculous but w/e..

I went for lunch with a friend to chat..

I then buzzed around the mall admiring Christmas..

Then tried to make small talk with Mr. Security at Calgary Lab Services..

Then I cam home and baked..

Then I cooked Allison and I dinner..

Then I went and listened to Tony Campolo talk at Ambrose college..

His talk was very hard, empowering and truth filled..

Now I am blogging...and..

Waiting for my mom to finish watching Prison Break (apparently it is really intense) and call me back!

Just another Monday..


Momma Bear said...

Prison Break is intense. Just when you think that it can't get worse it does. I think we are in season four. It actually should have ended last night. They had Silla, it was over, but now....FBI guy shoots his partner and is a bad guy...then comes the music...

Neil K said...

I would love to hear tony campolo speak! I have exams coming up too... today in biochem my prof told us that he was done the course material... I was so shocked. over already?!! this semester went by really fast!

momma bear said...

so Tony Campolo came to Grande Prairie and he was awesome. Thanks for telling me Sarah because it wasn't advertised here very well. 2 stops in Canada, Cow Town and GP. Imagine that. It was amazing, praise God, much more amazing than Prison Break.

Walshy said...

Imagine that!