First Snow!!

As Allison and I were cuddled up under blankets on our two sofas watching a movie I peered out the window..SNOW! It is snowing outside! Immediately we both got up and stood out there taking it in, we both started to explain how much we loved snow and the bliss of it all. I then got my camera and took a snap "above cold feet on my front lawn"

I love the chill!

I love the air when you breathe in the snowy weather.

I love coming inside and my glasses fogging up.

I love to see my breath when I sigh in contentment!

I LOVE touching the snow, feeling its coolness..

I love this season and its beauty!


Breezy said...

Your feet are soo cute. ha ha. Its snowing here today. I can't wait to get on the ice and play some shinny. :) that is my favorite part of winter!

Anonymous said...

I miss you chicka. I saw snow yesterday, I don't like the cold that comes with snow. How did your urine exam go?