6 down- 1 to go...!

I am almost done! Seriously...PRAISE GOD!

It is Thursday and I have written 6 exams so far which I should add have not been all that bad..I am impressed with my ability to actually study and excell! I have recieved above 70 on each of them! THANK YOU! I am happy..some were even above 90..some even above 96! I love my life!

But on a more serious note. I am almost done..Tomorrow is my last actual "class time"(one more exam) and then it is practicum. One week of it will be done at SAIT and then I make the move to Lethbridge for the remainding 6 weeks...which is actually 8 because I get 2 weeks off for Christmas *ya!

God has been teaching me, stretching me and definitely challenging me! I feel closer to Him through the stress of life which has not been all that stressful for me. I find that when "I" start to feel like "I" cannot do it "I" am reminded that HE does it with me, for me and works in my favor! God is soooo good all of the time!

Last night at C&C's we had a pretty intense discussion about faith, relationship and Gods' love. I enjoyed it! I am feeling very encouraged in my walk with God and better yet I feel God! Which is quite an exciting thing because His touch I tend to miss..It isn't that He doesn't touch I just refuse to feel it at times. Lately I have been feeling everything He does, the good with the bad and with the ooober ugly, He is alive! WOW!

I am going to my older brothers' this weekend for a time of fun, randomness and relaxation. I am excited to go spend some time with him and am praying for guidance and rest. I want time to talk with him and hopefully have him speak into my life. I don't think he realizes how high I hold his opinion in regard, I hope there will be time to be siblings and uplift one another. I pray that my love for him will be expressed and he will not question its presence in his life. I love that man!

Until next time...Happy Trails to you!!!


Breezy said...

Hey Sarah!! Yeah! Good job on your exams, thats great! Good luck on your practicum...update me with your new address when you head to Lethbridge. luv ya

Ashley said...

Lethbridge?! But what about our hypothetical friendship???

Erika said...

You can't leave Calgary... we haven't hung out yet. (Pathetic hey?) Will you ever be back? Will I ever see you again?

Lynne said...

Yah Sarah!
I'm soo happy for you, ending classes, being up-lifted by God...all that good stuff!
I hope you have a magnificent time at Christmas and an equally good time in the Windy city.
God's big blessings on you!

See ya around!