Chris Tomlin- Tea- Wind- Tears..

Yesterday was such a sad woe is me sort of a day. I felt so lonely. I guess it could have been the fact that my parents are off on vacation, that Ben was in Edmonton the day and night before and that Charlie was ignoring me. It however was just depressing. I sat on my bed Sunday morning with wet hair, half dressed crying. This wasn't messy crying, wasn't can't breathe crying it was just sweet tears rolling down my cheek. It was one of those moments as I sat there listening so intently to the words playing in the background

"Praise the Father, Praise the Son. Praise the Spirit, Three in One. Clothed in power and in grace the name above all other names."

that tears just fell. I guess I reflected for what felt like a split second! Reflected on my life in Calgary, my life here and life in general really.

Then tonight as I went to grab a bag of my cinnamon apple tea I discovered it was GONE! Noooo! So sad. It is blowing psycho wind outside and there is none of my favorite tea. It is okay though as I sit here sipping peppermint tea and looking at the wind I can see how much God is in my life, even in the crap He is here.


Welcome to a week of my summer! I love it!

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Going to British Columbia!

In August I am going with the church to BC to join the Mission Boat Missionaries there and serve in a remote place called Zeballos. I am pretty excited about this!

Before this though I will be attending a good friends wedding and then my brothers. Speaking of my brothers the red non fitting bridesmaid dress is getting work done and as of yesterday it did in fact fit my curvy body. I was excited about that a lot. I think it will be really pretty when it is all said and done.

I get to hang out with Ben tonight, it is his last day of school forever! Crazy..

That's all folks.


Grandma is coming..and Grandpa?? what?

So my gramma is coming this weekend to visit. Gramma, Uncle Larry and Auntie Sue will make the long painful trek to not so freezing Grande Prairie for super fun times this weekend. Who knows what we will really end up doing but oh well. One thing odd about this week has been my response to the question

"What are you doing this weekend?"

I keep responding "My grandma and grandpa are coming to visit" - what?

For those who are unaware I have not had a grandpa on either side since I was a wee little girl so it is odd that I keep answering this question this way. I find myself confused thinking "why do I keep saying this?"

Today I pondered a little farther...maybe because if you have a grandma you should have a grandpa? If you have a mother you should have a father? I don't know what it is. They just fit together like hand in glove. A grandma should have a grandpa but sometimes one goes way befor the other.

Anyways, I made my gramma a teddy from Teddy Ville which is Grande Prairies version of Build a Bear- It's a pig! hehe!


We won...by one point!

Baseball is going pretty good. We lost our first game brutally, then won our second 23-8 and then this last one we worked hard and won by one point!

I struck out, due to closed eyes. I then started to try and love the game and got two players out at second and then cranked the ball and made it to home plate, no big deal really!

I took a lady out for lunch who isn't completely with it and she ordered steak, expensive steak..what was I to do? Nothing! So I did nothing..our lunch bill was $50 dollars, I had chicken tenders, contemplated ordering off the kids menu but I am sure Jesus would of let her have steak so I let her have whatever her heart desired.

Then I went off roading with the pastor. I think I love my life. But we did drive down many range roads for an hour and a half to this campsite where we will be having our church campout. Then we off roaded to the river, quite intense.

Pretty decent Monday.