Going to British Columbia!

In August I am going with the church to BC to join the Mission Boat Missionaries there and serve in a remote place called Zeballos. I am pretty excited about this!

Before this though I will be attending a good friends wedding and then my brothers. Speaking of my brothers the red non fitting bridesmaid dress is getting work done and as of yesterday it did in fact fit my curvy body. I was excited about that a lot. I think it will be really pretty when it is all said and done.

I get to hang out with Ben tonight, it is his last day of school forever! Crazy..

That's all folks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, a lady from our church goes out on the Mission boat, maybe she will be there the same time as you, her name is Marje. You will have to post a picture of you in your pretty red dress.
love Cat's Mum X

Nat Nat said...

Hey girl!

Do you know your plans for the trip down to BC? I wanna hear your voice sometime soon. Miss you and love you xxx