Grandma is coming..and Grandpa?? what?

So my gramma is coming this weekend to visit. Gramma, Uncle Larry and Auntie Sue will make the long painful trek to not so freezing Grande Prairie for super fun times this weekend. Who knows what we will really end up doing but oh well. One thing odd about this week has been my response to the question

"What are you doing this weekend?"

I keep responding "My grandma and grandpa are coming to visit" - what?

For those who are unaware I have not had a grandpa on either side since I was a wee little girl so it is odd that I keep answering this question this way. I find myself confused thinking "why do I keep saying this?"

Today I pondered a little farther...maybe because if you have a grandma you should have a grandpa? If you have a mother you should have a father? I don't know what it is. They just fit together like hand in glove. A grandma should have a grandpa but sometimes one goes way befor the other.

Anyways, I made my gramma a teddy from Teddy Ville which is Grande Prairies version of Build a Bear- It's a pig! hehe!

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