We won...by one point!

Baseball is going pretty good. We lost our first game brutally, then won our second 23-8 and then this last one we worked hard and won by one point!

I struck out, due to closed eyes. I then started to try and love the game and got two players out at second and then cranked the ball and made it to home plate, no big deal really!

I took a lady out for lunch who isn't completely with it and she ordered steak, expensive steak..what was I to do? Nothing! So I did nothing..our lunch bill was $50 dollars, I had chicken tenders, contemplated ordering off the kids menu but I am sure Jesus would of let her have steak so I let her have whatever her heart desired.

Then I went off roading with the pastor. I think I love my life. But we did drive down many range roads for an hour and a half to this campsite where we will be having our church campout. Then we off roaded to the river, quite intense.

Pretty decent Monday.


Marian said...

I want to go off roading lucky duck.

Sarah said...

Hello there my BFF. Thank you so so much for the gift! I laughed alot and showed everybody! You rock my world!
PS I think we should organize a little baseball tournament between our team and yours! A little friendly competition. I really just want an excuse to see your incredible muscles ripple as you pump out a grandslam!! (and cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday...it's coming up soon)