The joys of Halloween! Or as Natashia informed me may soon be called "Black and Orange Day" apparently (Natashia told me this) they are thinking of changing the name so that immigrants in our country will not be so afraid of this day. I mean come on, both Nat and I laughed together when she told me this is what her teacher had told their class earlier today. Even if you call it "black and orange day" people will still dress up spooky, it's just how it goes..well I mean not in every family. The Walsh's always had to be happy things. I mean Mom was not going to send out a bunch of Zombies trick or treating so instead I was a bride, minnie mouse, a baby, you know happy things. I am thankful that I was never the wicked witch of the west or a blood thirsty vampire! Thanks Mom!

Today while walking home from the train I passed two younger gentleman who wanted me to see their halloween display. "A puking pumpkin man surrounded in beer cases and cans. I mean I chuckled. It was really well done, I am sure if you have Facebook it will be all over it, thats how creepy our world has gotten..it might even be a link on some of your pages out there, I'm not against that website at all...no sarcasm.

Tonight I await the arrival of Meghan, BreAnn, Marian and Lennae for super fun times on Halloween weekend. I don't know what I should dress up as? I thought I could donn myself in "Peak" gear and be a poster board for my dad's company or just put on my punjabi dress again and be an indian princess minus the tiara (that is what I was at school- a bit chilly)! Who knows..one sad thing is that not one single child has rang/knocked at our door! I wanna hand out some of that candy! Dang!

Happy "Black and Orange" Day<--that sounds lame!

Happy Halloween? Is halloween happy? I don't think so!

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momma who? said...

so any ways your doorway looks like a dungeon so the children were probably afraid of the people under the stairs...