falling for fall...

Last night as Natashia and I laid on our backs on our little patch of grass I realized I am falling in love with the seasons. Now I have always loved the seasons but for some reason I feel like I am way more intune with what is happening around me. Gazing out at a lit up down town, Calgary Tower and all made me think "wow, I really live here." I guess I sometimes don't believe it.

A couple of days ago while walking home from the train station I fell head over heels in love with crunchy leaves. Making long, awkward strides just so I could crunch as many possible. After doing this for about 2 minutes I realized I was being followed. I thought that they must think I am foolish but then continued in my love affair with fall.

Today while walking home from the train station the smell was amazing. It was so sweet. The scent was very hard to describe, very comfortable feeling in my nostrils, it I assume is just what fall should smell like before the rotting leaf smell breaks through into the atmosphere. Falling leaves remind me of letting go of my burdens, becoming naked only to experience the chill of winter and the budding of spring.

God knew what He was doing when He created this place, I thank Him for making the leaves of fall crunch so I can feel like I am a little girl again.

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Marian said...

SAARRRAAAHHH! I miss you! I love fall, i think it is the best time of the year!