Playing with urine! ewww..or fun?

So today we had to play with our urine..wait! I will back it up a bit..


We had a lab where we had to pee in a cup to use the urine for Fridays' lab. One by one each of us MLA's took the walk of shame to the bathroom with our gear to pee in the cup. It was so awkward. Some were very open with the process others were already awkward with the thought of this. Some of us peed to the sound of taps flowing, others spoke to eachother to ease the piercing sound of pee in the silence of the bathroom. All in all..it happenned..and we all got pee in our cup..

NOW Friday:

We did a lab today where we had to play with our urine, test it to be more exact as to what I am refering playing with. We had to dip it and spread it on an agar plate, 3 to be exact. Anyways before this we all had to go grab our urine supplied on Wednesday from a tray at the side of the class. If you know anything about urine or urinalysis you would know that it should not sit for more that 2 hours before being tested because it will cloud and form crystals. Our urine sat for about 48 hours..ewwww. So we grab our urine. I am slowly walking to my bench when I noticed all this "junk" at the bottom of my cup, slightly embarassed and not wanting anyone to see I say nothing, go and sit and hide it in the midst of the rest of my instruments.

The girl who sits beside me sort of leans towards me and says sheepishly "sarah..does your urine have like really random things at the bottom?" I look at her and reply hesitantly "yes..does yours?" Immediately she replies "YES! I thought I was some sort of freak!"

To be honest I also thought I was a freak or had some wacko disease..turns out all of our urines looked like that but everyone encountered the awkward stage of "what the heck is in my cup!"

It is good to know your not alone...


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hehe...do i have something to tell you!

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I cannot wait Marian!