Rise India!!!

This past weekend I had the oppurtunity to go to Camrose and see old friends! It was like any CLBI weekend, exhausting and quick. On Sunday afternoon I was able to spend some good time with my friend Catherine catching up on life. She gave me the above cd which I have been listening to on repeat all day today. It is worship songs written for India and it is really having an impact on me.

About a week or less ago I wondered onto my friend Neils blog (at the side check it out!) to find a plee to pray for India. Mass hurt is going on along with mass killing. I have been praying but I also feel that God is using me in a crazy unexpected way. This weekend while I was visiting with 4 others about our faith life or lack there of I didn't really know how I had gotten so spiritually weak it seemed. When did I fall off the track? Or did I? Needless to say I believe that God has my hand in His. This cd has impacted me because not only can I pray for India but I can worship my God singing songs that are speaking right to India.

God knows what He is doing even if we cannot see it..

I encourage you to read Neils blog and get on your knees..become humble before our Lord.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got an email from the YWAM missionaries about the mass killing going on as well. Is CLBI sending two teams there this year? I agree with you, we all have to get down on our knees and pray about this.

ElleBelle said...

WALSH i want that cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bring it with you when you come okay??!!

Walshy said...

Okay Okay I will bring it, don't you even worry lovely! And Marian..they are sending 2 team there this year.