So we had the "boys party" which was a riot and I am certain they all had a decent time. In all honesty I am glad it is all over and I will not have to attend anymore estrogen crazy meetings at lock-up! Praise Jesus! To make the weekend more spectacular I got to see my good friends Austen and Jeff who made my heart smile a LOT! How I really do miss those men.

Other than spinning crazy CLBI life my life is going amazing! Found out today I will be getting $930.00 back from taxes (thank-you Jesus) and I have a summer job with my mama as an official "dump lady" starting May 7th! What more can a girl ask for...well there are a few things but I am going to bask in my thankfulness instead of thinking about what I do not have!


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jeff & austen said...

thanks for the shout out sarah, you warm my (our) heart(s) as well