An Update

So yah I am not really good at committing to anything especially when it has to do with the internet because I am not usually on the world wide web.

I apologize in advance then to all readers who will not get a update of my life on the actual date because I cannot commit.

We have this secret but not so secret at all Boys party happening this weekend and the estrogen is flowing high in our dorm. Women are crazy is my conclusion but get 30 of them trying to work together you learn quickly how to bite your tongue and discern your words. I have been biting the tongue regularily because I am no good at discerning...my bad. The year is winding quickly down and now I have to think about the next year of life...my thinking has basically turned into praying because I have no idea where I am suppose to be. grrr...

Confessions tour is coming to a town near you....be there...i get to do a monologue!


Norway's Canadian said...

Dang yo. I so want to hear you do a monologue...long distance phone call perhaps..?

jeff & austen said...

Check it out