So life is like a box of chocolates or not at all actually. I have decided to give up "swearing" for forty days and to say the least it is not as easy as I once assumed it would be.

hmmm....funny story now...well the beginning is not funny but it gets funny. So my friend Allisons' dad died(some of you may know her) and well Nat, Cat, Amy and I were driving to Saskatoon for the funeral at 5 in the morning when I thought "does Troy know about the funeral?" This then resulted in many attempts with the phone operater to find the sacred number of Brian Smiths' residence. I am fairly sure I never did find the real number, I started calling random Brians at about 5 in the morning until we were almost in Saskatoon. There was one number that I thought could be the right number because there was no answer. After the funeral we ventured onwards to our final destination Grande Prairie about an hour into the drive I thought I would try the "Brian who never answered again"..Turns out he was probably in his 20's and not the right number, ooops. I figure he never got a very relaxed hungover morning, all of this for Troy!

A weekend is here and I am happy.


chickmummy said...

Hi,how can you not like MEC and be a friend of Cat's, she loves that place,each time we go there,we are there for ever.Did you ever get Brian's number? Love you, see you in Lethbridge

chelsea rae said...

hello? walsh...is that you? i never knew????...let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this one is about me! I don't think we have lived in our house for long enough to have a number in the phone book. It's nice that you guys thought of me! Troy.