O Canada!

Well I have been delayed only a month and a wee bit, my bad!

If any of you did not know I was soaking up the sun in the crazy land of India! How insano! Anyways based upon the fact that I was miles and miles aways from home and I am not very computer orientated I was not too sure how to access this bloggy-thing.

Anywho my month was an insane adventure of a lifetime and I have and will cherish every moment that was spent there, I miss it already! Last week Pastor Jimmy Jim Johnson taught at the school so the week was practically amazing. Life in Canada is a bit fast-paced and I think the members of "team India" are still running on "India time." If you are unsure what I mean about "India time" I would be glad to fill you in. Basically in India everybody "waits" for everything, there is no thought of how late a person is, you just take your sweet old time to get to any and every destination. Not to mention driving extremely slow at times when you could be going extremely fast, I'm not bitter.

This weekend I am in Edmonton with the Mr. Frank Walsh enjoying life in a hotel where I his daughter need not pay for a thing. How I love family and dads!

Well I should go do something completely unproductive.
Ps- Canada is freezing!!(not exactly new information for most Canadian residents but I thought I would just say it!)



Cassy said...

While in mexico I became familiar (and frusterated) witha way of life called "hurry up and wait". Its pretty self explanitory.

PS you should read my latest entry...

Cat said...

glad that you are back posting.

Anonymous said...

Canada is fairly freezing. Did you see munks in orange outfits?

austen said...

sarah, i heart you. glad you are back safe and sound. maybe we will see each other soon. bye