What have I done?!

So I went for my interview which was more like a tour, nothing really. Anyways I probably have that job if my stupid holidays don't screw it all up for me like they did last time. grrr! That is the only thing they are not sure of, my family and I are planning to go to NFLD for 3 weeks to check out our family history it sure throws a wrench into summer work...thanks Frank!

Anyways so when I got home I was surfing the web looking for summer employment. Yah this is where it all gets interesting! I signed up for this job search thing, well so I thought, a quick and easy way to see what kind of jobs are out there. Turns out I applied for this gay dumb job and then our phone started ringing and I received "1 new email" message! Ahhh! Turns out I applied for some knife selling job where I can earn money and benefits selling kitchen knives door to door...Ummm No Thanks!

Only in my life, they called a few times, I will not be returning their calls and I pray they will not call again.



Cat said...

hey i miss you why don't we work at timmy's together it could be really fun

chelsea rae said...

ya...glad you are not doing it...it's a sketchy place!