You know how there are those days when everything is going good and then you come across those days when everything seems to be lame...Ya well today is one of those lame ones. Nothing has really happened just everything I had planned has fallen through!..thus far!

1) sleep in....ya that didn't happen!
2) clean room...um sort of?
3) meet the love of my life...dang Grande Prairie..
4) surprise mom with something..i have no ideas..
5) write a letter..no motivation..bah hum bug...

Seriously it isn't really a huge deal just sort of one of those days where you could do things but instead you find yourself writing a blog complaining instead of just doing something on your list! ugh! PLUS I don't even want to shower in fear that my hair will turn into a GIANT poof!! Poor poor pitiful me...



allison said...

dont be afraid of the poof sarah

Cat said...

don't worry I will be there in like 45hours and then we will do some random stuff. you better not be sleeping when I arrive because that would be GAY!!!!!!