Raising Havoc!

So today my mother has a day off and we are going to raise havoc in this ridiculous place...actually we probably will not do much of this raising havoc business but it could be amazing did it actually happen!

Anyways my mom is out for a few minutes, about 30 to be exact so I am going to do one of those hyper-cleans around this house and knock her socks off when she gets home. I may go card shopping today because I am addicted to Hallmark and all their funny cards...oh the life I live..

One funny story!

My little brother Ben wanted this intense guitar off of eBay so my mom was convinced and said she would bid on it once and that was it. So she did the bidding and anyways she decided to check the bids an hour before it was over to find she had been out bid. Then being the crazy woman she is decided to bid again. She comes home checks eBay and all i heard was "oh shit" She actually one the darn thing! She hadn't even told my dad she had bid the first time. Ben was overjoyed, mom told dad while I prayed intensely in the basement. All is well except for the fact that my mom has to actually pay for this dang guitar and Ben doesn't even play guitar...My family is whack!



jeff said...

i wish your mom would buy me a guitar.

Walshy said...

She probably would...

Cat said...

your mom is so funny i love her can she bid on stuff for me