Is he homeless???

So to follow up to the raising havoc entry I will tell you something retarded that my mother did to show me the great christian she is...oh dear....

So we are leaving IGA and we get in the car and my mom says "I need to go give that man some money" okay so me not even knowing who the heck she was talking to says "then go, give him some money and get it over with" I am very good at supporting others decisions. So she jumps out with a 20 to find this "man" and anyways he is now leaving IGA. Then she jumps back in the car and chases him around the parking lot as he hops the fence towards Safeway (I assume he was running away from the red car chasing him) Anywho I figure it was over now and we could meet my father for lunch...NOPE...We then go to Safeway park and my mom says "lets go find him" (In my head I was thinking when did the "you" do a nice thing turn into some "team" effort!!!) oh well...We found him at the bun counter, attempted to give him some money, it looked like he was going to knife us and then my mom made me creep around Safeway so he wouldn't find us. My mother is ridiculous. We got in the car and she said "I thought I could be an example to you about giving to others" I wanted to laugh...then she pipes up "That's why giving anonymously is so much better!"

Moral--I will not be working at Safeway in fear that my life be taken from me way to soon.

Oh and the dumbo "Vector knife selling people" call like a trillion times a day and leave messages, they sound more angry with each message...I'm sort of scared!

*No clue what I will be doing today, Dad, mom and I oh and the dog went for a walk, that was soooo windy and fun!*



Natashia Wuermli said...

Sounds like you had a pretty havoc filled day! Atleast you can't complain of having an uninteresting day. It made me laugh! Too bad about the Safeway job thing though - maybe you could try IGA instead? :)

Love ya,
Nat Wurm

Cat said...

hey i can't wait to go shopping with you and your mommy also can i go grocery shopping and watch ben stealth shop?

i miss you and love you

Heiberg said...

walshie your stories have made my day! i love your family.