I have a sister!

So as many of you may or may not know I am the only daughter in the Walsh household until Monday eveing. On this evening/joyous occasion I ran out to hug/greet my new sister in whom we had arranged matching outfits(didn'actually arrange but were matching) to find she was maybe tired/overwhelmed..My first reaction "Oh jeeez" That was until I saw little Benny practically fall from the truck whipping water bottle out the door, Mr. Kranky little brother. I find out later he had taken 2 night time Benilyn drugs in hopes of passing out which never happened, he felt the effects all evening, it was a sad sight!

Anyways my life is going really well, it is fun to have a familiar friend around for the summer to yell at and laugh with (I yell at her numerous times) afterall it is Catherine and if I wasn't honest the whole frienship would be fake...jeeeesh!...

I need to sleep but I have tomorrow off, thank-you JESUS! may you all have a great day!

Love Walsh

PS- Catherine was my 4th CLBI friend to meet my Big brother Mike and she said he was nice..another thank-you JESUS is needed!

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Cat said...

it's pretty sweet being a walsh