I'm Wishing,
I'm Wishing,
For the one I love,
To find me,
To find me,

Wish the title of this blog could be "getting married" but unfortunately it is NOT!

Blah blah blah...Walsh


Cat said...

walsh it's ok sometimes i feel the same. at least your 20 I am almost 23.

Natashia Wuermli said...

I think we are all wishing ... well, I'm not sure about 'all' but a lot maybe :)

Anyways, keep on wishing and wishing ...

Sending hugs and kisses your way

CLBI Team Peru said...

Hey Walsh,

I am stealing the team Peru blog, because I am too lazy to make one of my own. I know how you feel! Especially with all the weddings happening this summer. Oh well, I guess we will all get our time sometime right? I love you and miss you lots. E-mail me sometime.