Sick, sick and sick!

My nose drips, my head hurts and when I cough I feel as if knives are flying up my esophagus! Not exactly fun but that is what I get for staying up too late and not taking care of myself, boo!

I have a pretty good immune system thanks to my 2 lovely brothers who contributed at placing dirt, grass and other things in my mouth at an early age. With my knowledge of this "great" immune system I have been stubborn to get any sort of medication.

This morning I awoke and had a shower because I could not breathe out of my nose or feel anything above my shoulders for that matter. As I climbed up the stairs ready to embark on the day I was faced with one challenge..Judy! Now Judy is the lady I live with and what a kind tender soul she truly is and such a wonderful mother to me. She sternly looked at me and with authority stated:

"Sarah go to the drugstore and get some medicine now!"

I protested.

She continued to scold me.

I gave in.

After a trip to the drugstore and a HUGE mistake at looking in the flyer I left with a little more than I bargained for. I purchased some mascara, a loofa, a set of make up brushes, some cover-up and a lovely 60 capsul container of Cold-fX! Hopefully I feel better soon considering the recommended dosage for the first day is 9 pills..You heard me correctly "9 pills"...I am thinking Mike and Ben should have fed me more dirt and worms as a child because then I would still have twenty dollars in the bank..

Praying you are all healthy!


momma bear said...

poor baby, remember to have peppermint tea

momma bear said...

oh,I like the new look

Anonymous said...

awww poor girl ... i'm praying that the medication will help and you'll feel better soon ... i'm sending you a hug from my heart to yours ...

Do like the new look too ... it kind of confused me at first when it first loaded I was like "What happened!" before I realised it was still you!!

I love you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your new look to your blog! I'm praying that you get better soon!