Roomate Bonding!

Tonight Allison and I were talking to one another on msn, I know LAME! But she says to me "I need some coffee"- Me sitting in my room busy in the books replied "I'll get right on that"- As conversation escalated we decided to go to Starbucks..at this I received another instant message from Natashia pleading "Can I come?"- "Hell YA!" was my response...

It was nice to get away for a bit and just "be." PLUS Nat got us discounts because we went to the Starbucks where she used to work so that is ALWAYS a bonus! Now it is back to the books then bed!

I have my first test tomorrow...I feel very ready though!

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Neil K said...

I think Calgary is the Canadian equivalent of Seattle! I don't know what it is but it seems like everybody is always going to Starbucks there! But that's cool. I don't know if you ever do this... or if you would have time to do this... but I think you should write short stories. Or a long one if you really want :) I would read it. But seriously I would love to read a story written by you! I got a macbook the other day and with it came an ipod touch... so I am feeling way too trendy these days! I hate what I'm turning into!!!! AHHHH ipods, macbooks, and scarves! Oh No! jk have some more roomate bonding times and tell Allison I love her city!